Meditation To Help The Nerves

I’m certified in kundalini yoga and have been both doing this meditation myself plus giving it some psychotherapy clients to assist with inner balance. It was taught by Yogi Bhajan who brought these teachings to the US. There are many kriyas (sequences of poses, meditations and mantras) that he taught and they work quickly.

For this one, sit cross legged on the floor. If that is difficult, you can sit in a chair. The eyes are almost all the way shut. You have your hands sitting on your lap and the thumb touches the index finger tip with the hands facing up. You will be inhaling in ten short sniffs as you raise your arms up to the forehead. Yogi Bhajan instructs from the Guidelines for Daily Sadhana “With each part of the inhale, move the hands mechanically (in small jerks) one-tenth of the way towards the forehead. The palms face up and all the fingers are straight. At the tenth inhale, the palms are on the forehead with the fingers pointing up. As you exhale, join the fingertips of the two hands and let the hands down slowly. Separate the hands at the level of the navel point and return them to gyan mudra in the original position. On each inhale mentally vibrate the mantra Wahe. On the exhale vibrate Guru.” You can start with 3 minutes and move up to 11.

The mantra wahe guru is an expression of ecstasy as we move from our darkness into light. Even if you don’t feel that ecstasy now, you are not repeating the inner dialogues that often dominate the mind.

I think this works powerfully both due to the mantra as well as the fact you have to concentrate on many things such as the sniffs, mudras (hand positions), remembering to separate your hands etc. So often, we are caught in our minds and can continue worrying or agitating about something because our minds are not absorbed by what we are doing. People are even texting at funerals! However, this meditation makes it difficult to shift the mind into it’s old habits and that is actually a very nice thing. Take ten minutes away from the old patterns and plant a new seed.

There are a number of meditations and yoga poses for various mental health disorders such as anger, depression and anxiety. It is wonderful to have this toolkit to change those negative states. For any questions feel free to write me at quietmind2000 (at)

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