Living Life Without Regrets

One thing we can be sure about is that we all have regrets in our life. We might regret marriages, investments, words said to former friends , affairs etc, etc, etc…It does not matter what the regret is but the fact is that regrets weigh down your life, your spirit and your soul. Tough situations are going to be a part and parcel of life and there are going to be times when you will take the wrong decision.

But now, what is done in the past is done. Be grateful that you have a life and a future. To review things over and over again in your mind can paralyze you. It also puts you in a constant state of agitation. Remember, if you do feel you were wrong, you can try to reach out to the person by a letter or phone call. This is better than stewing.

Problems are not necessarily meant to be solved

Accept the fact that you are not a person with superpowers and you will not be able to solve everything. It will prevent you from going mad with stress! What have you learned about yourself? What tendencies have you detected that you have and that create some of your situations? This is worth reflecting on.

Cultivate mindfulness and live your life in the present

What does this mean? Do we go through life mindless? Frankly, often we do. Most of us are thinking so far ahead in the day that we don’t really know what we are doing right now. Make sure you have gratitude during tough situations in your life. Cultivating mindfulness puts you in the present time. It makes you acknowledge when you are tired, angry, hungry etc. Living the moment will make you realize when you find situations annoying, irritating, when you are going to lose your temper and even when you are wrong. It will help you be a better person and be more patient with the people around you.

Think About The People In Your Life

It’s easy to fantasy about other people and often to be kinder to people we don’t know well versus the people we see daily. Practice kindness, patience and care with the people in your world. If there are toxic relationships, think about whether it is good to end certain relationships. If you have been involved with an addict for years, maybe this is not good for either of you.

Remember, you are wonderful and unique human being and you are worthy of love. Nothing will change that fact irrespective of the life you have led. What have you taken away from your past? How will you make different decisions now? Do you let go of what you did or beat yourself up?

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