Keys To Staying Relaxed After A Massage

stress reduction tips Keeping your cool in these difficult times is literally impossible. One minute, you’re yelling at a distributor who forgot to send in essential items, the other minute you are dealing with an irate customer who is waiting for his ordered goods. Sometimes, you feel like screaming your head off to relieve the stress. To rejuvenate yourself, you book yourself in to a day spa or you book a massage; and it works. The wonderful atmosphere, meditation and yoga, good food, no telephones, mobiles, and TV, relaxing massages and beauty treatments; push you back into a relaxed and comfortable mood. But as the day passes on, the same niggling thought comes back to your mind that you have to get back to the daily grind. The stress and tension is getting to you again and you can actually feel yourself getting tense, angry and anxious. You do have a massage session scheduled for the next week but Relaxing between massage sessions is turning out to be impossible.

Stop right there. It’s not necessary for you go back to the same state that you were in before your massage. A massage offers significant psychological and physical benefits in the form of relieving muscle soreness, improving muscle tone, increasing body and joint flexibility, relieves cramps and relaxes and rejuvenates the body completely. If you feel yourself sliding back into the same morass of tension and stress; you have to stop yourself.

Deep Breathe Your Way to Relaxation

As soon as you find that a situation is getting too annoying or out-of-control for you, you should back away. Step back, assess the situation and deep breathe your way to relaxation. Essential, you are increasing the amount of oxygen available to your brain which will help it work faster, find a quicker solution to the problem and help you keep your cool too. By enhancing your oxygen intake, you are naturally promoting better health in your body, relaxing your muscles and actually releasing negative energy. You can go to yoga which was two excellent routines expressly designed to control aggravating situations. These techniques are referred to as “Alternate nostril breathing” and the “Breath of Fire” and they are very effective in soothing the mind and focusing concentration.

Switch Activities

Some problems just don’t have an immediate solution. You might be facing an aggravating office situation that has to be resolved but no solution seems apparent. Instead of pushing yourself, your mind and body through an unproductive session, just step back and switch activities. Try a physical activity like swimming or jogging which will work out your body and force the mind to push the problem to the back of the conscious mind. It also forces your subconscious mind to deal with the problem and solve it with lateral thinking. One very simple example is Archimedes and this tub of water and the EUREKA which solved the problem. Medically, doctors recommend using a physical exercise to reduce stress and tension. Stress does not solve anything but training your mind to recognize stress and step away from it during exercise does work. It channels your subconscious mind on to the problem, works out your body and most of the time, simple effective solutions pop up.


Humans are creatures of habit. We learn a pattern and we stick to it. The same thing happens when we are faced with a problem. Some learn to fight, some learn to run away while others run away and come back to fight another day. People follow patterns when they are dealing with stressful situations. If you can step back, meditate and evaluate yourself, find out what you do when you are stressed. Break the pattern and train your mind to learn your reactions to a particular problem. The more you learn about yourself, the better you can control dangerous and stressful situations around you.

Medically, it has been proved that a constant state of stress can aggravate health, destroy mental alertness and affect nearly every part of your body negatively. You can control your mind and body and keep your cool through hectic workdays. To retain the same psychological benefit that was provided by the massage, you should try to combine these tips with mediation, yoga, a better diet, regular workouts and regular massages. It does work and you will feel a difference.

We can’t always head to a massage or yoga, so it’s also good to have a tool such as How to Stay Balanced During Stressful Situations which you can refer to throughout the day for quick ways to dispel stress as it arises. Having specific ways to change your state of mind that are quick and effective stop them for building up, creating drama and tightening up your muscles.

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