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Meditation To Help The Nerves

I’m certified in kundalini yoga and have been both doing this meditation myself plus giving it some psychotherapy clients to assist with inner balance. It was taught by Yogi Bhajan who brought these teachings to the US. There are many … Continue reading

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Living Life Without Regrets

One thing we can be sure about is that we all have regrets in our life. We might regret marriages, investments, words said to former friends , affairs etc, etc, etc…It does not matter what the regret is but the … Continue reading

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Keys To Staying Relaxed After A Massage

Keeping your cool in these difficult times is literally impossible. One minute, you’re yelling at a distributor who forgot to send in essential items, the other minute you are dealing with an irate customer who is waiting for his ordered … Continue reading

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Restorative Yoga, Gentle And Chair Classes

Many people wonder if yoga can be used as a method of rehabilitation after an injury or illness. The answer to that is yes it can. There can be very challenging forms of yoga such as Power Yoga classes, but … Continue reading

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Yoga And Pilates: How Do They Compare

Yoga is about the union of the body, mind and spirit – connecting and yoking them. Often people that do yoga practice meditation, but not all yoga classes include meditation. It helps you become aware of your posture, patterns of … Continue reading

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Yoga During Pregnancy And Safety

One of the most rewarding and greatest achievements a woman can have is to become a mother. Being pregnant involves a lot of overwhelming emotions and physical stress due to the constant and rapid changes happening in your body as … Continue reading

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Top Videos For Beginners To Yoga

Looking for a list of top videos for beginners to yoga? When you’re new to yoga, you’re jumping into a whole new world of well-being. There are all sorts of reasons to practice yoga; dealing with stress and losing weight … Continue reading

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Can Yoga Strengthen Your Muscles

Yoga helps the body increase it’s strength, flexibility and tone. However, strength increases depend on the types of movements practiced. It also depends on the amount of time spent on each movement and the number of times one practices each … Continue reading

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