Yoga Instructor Salaries Vary According to the Setting Where You Work

Are you wondering what kind of living you can make as a yoga teacher? Have you thought about whether you want to teach individual lessons or classes? Do you want to work with kids, teach restorative yoga or use chair yoga for seniors?

Yoga instructor salaries depend on where you work. For instance a gym is probably one of the lower paid positions. Some will pay per class. Other places will give you a percentage of the number of people who attend the class..

When I taught at a local yoga center they paid me 50 percent of what came in. At the time the fee was 10 dollars a class, but some centers now charger 12 to 15 dollars to students for a yoga class. I was teaching kundalini yoga but the center I taught at also had clases in ashtanga, restorative yoga, hatha and iyengar. .

One positive thing is that yoga is an exercise that has become so popular in the last five to ten years. It seems like everyone has a stretching mat and a favorite teacher. There are even yoga classes for children 12 and under. You can rent or buy a DVD, go to the gym or a rec center, do the exercises in the park. Its increased fame is due to the fact that it improves the look and feel of your body as well as your spiritual well being. For those who have become very accomplished at this, they wonder if becoming a trainer is a good idea. In fact, depending on your area, yoga instructor salaries can be worthwhile. †

In the US, private lessons are the way that yoga instructors can make a good hourly wage. Prices can range from sixty dollars all the way up to one hundred and fifty for a private lesson. This could much more if you become a sought after teacher in places like Hollywood, where trends are set. If you are teaching in a studio you will need to give the owners a percentage of what comes in. However, if this is done through your own marketing at your home or the student's then your revenue will be much higher. You can also do well having a class with ten or more people paying ten dollars or more each. I enjoyed having large classes and this was a nice community that formed. Either way, you are doing what you love and earning a wage higher than most people in the country. The wide range in wages is due to varying levels of expertise, the demographics of your area, and the demand for teachers. Sometimes, if you are starting a business in an area that doesnít have a lot of interest; you have to charge a low rate at first. Once you name is known and your classes become more popular, you can adjust your fee or salary. †

There are many ways to get certified and to become a yoga instructor . You can take classes that will show you the various types of yoga and give you quality guidelines for leading a group. Once you become certified, you should get your CPR license, and then you can lead a group at various gyms and centers. If you want your own business or studio, you will need an occupational license for your city or state and a place to hold your classes. You should also think about getting business insurance to protect yourself if someone is injured during class. Be sure to account for all of these expenses when you are pricing your services. You donít want your yoga instructor salary to be too low for you to run your business. Some centers will require that you get your own liability insurance. Keep in mind that marketing is a good way to increase your yoga salary. Making a blog, putting it on facebook and other forms of marketing will bring more people to where you teach and increase your salary and number of students.

Also, if you are going to give talks or small classes at local stores , you may need to be insured. When I gave a yoga class at Whole Foods I needed to show proof of insurance.

The beauty of being a yoga instructor is that you can create your own schedule and do something that benefits others..

Keep in mind that many people will want to come on saturdays or nights after work. It is important to have some classes during these times.

If you only want to teach during the day, you can also pursue teaching in schools and senior centers .