Chair Yoga Is a Wonderful Way to Gain Flexibility and Strength in a Very Gentle Approach

Have you heard about chair yoga? You can instruct this to others in health clubs, gyms and yoga studios. It is a gentle workout that will increase one's range of motion, help with circulation and provide a wonderful stretch.

Chair yoga is gaining in popularity and for good reason. Many people cannot take a regular yoga class due to the inability to sit on the ground, arthritis, injuries or other reasons. With chair yoga you will get a good stretch, increase your range of motion and feel revitalized.

Chair yoga is different because it is gentler and more laid back. Not only that it varies from the usual yoga, gut the presence of a chair is something that you usually donít see in your everyday yoga routine. For people who wouldn't dream of sitting on the floor , the chair provides support and a foundation for the exercise.

Chair Yoga also caters to a wide set of audience. For instance, the usual chair yoga enthusiasts are those who are aging and cannot withstand strenuous activities as well as those with physical limitations. It is frequently done in senior fitness centers, adult daycare facilities, in yoga studios for those with injuries and retirement homes. If you are expecting complicated maneuvers or complex poses then Chair yoga is not for you. Though, this being said it is not limited to seniors and people with disabilities. Everyone is entitled to their fair share of gentle fitness and the plus side it improves oneís health. You can also treat it as a bonding with your older folks. Doing exercise together will not only strengthen the familial bond but also would increase your own range of flexibility and teach you something new. Some people focus exclusively in their yoga teaching career in instructing chair yoga classes. In states like Florida with a high elderly population, this is an excellent fit. †

Lakshmi Voelker used chair yoga to adapt an alternative for fitness to those who could not do traditional physical activities. The idea came to my mind when one of her thirty something students experienced arthritis and wasn't able to get down on the floor and do yoga. In another perspective Chair Yoga brings a lot of opportunities and the rewards of working with those with physical limitations due to aging, disease or injury is very fulfilling. †

In your training to become a yoga instructor there should be a section of the class dealing with senior citizens, post-surgery situations and other physical conditions. If your teacher training doesn't have a sepcial section on chair yoga, you can find a course in that locally, on dvd or online.

Here are some tips for encouraging this form of yoga to those who are reluctant to try it:

You are never too old for yoga. Everyone can increase their range of motion, reduce stiffness and increase relaxation.

It helps treat your health issues such as high blood pressure, anxiety, fatigue, arthritis, vertigo, multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression, and chronic pain just to name a few.

It doesnít require total flexibility. Unlike regular yoga, you do not need to worry that you are not flexible enough. Let those flexibility issues go. Many graduate from chair yoga to be flexible enough to perform poses from regular yoga.

It is not time consuming. An hour a day, a few times a week is enough.

It will be a confidence booster. Do not think that you will feel out of place, Chair Yoga brings together different personalities with varying experience. An instructor helps to suggest adjustment of poses and positions for people's situations.

It is not expensive as you think it is. You donít need a lot of fancy yoga clothes; you can go in with just sweats and pants. You also donít need to buy equipments more often than not; chairs are already provided at the venue.

What is Chair Yoga? It is something for everybody whether young or old. A must try for a healthier new you.

If you like working with the elderly this is something you will enjoy.

Just getting a little more range of motion in your shoulders to twist a bit more, makes someone feel so much better.

It is wonderful to see the joy in someone's face when they tell you they can reach something on a shelf or turn their head more to the side.