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You've heard good things about yoga, but what are the benefits for the body? Is it worth doing and why?

The benefits of yoga can be subtle for some people and extrmeme for others. It really depends on the shape you are in, your sensitivity and the physical limitations you have.  

It is known as being one of the best exercises and unifiers for the mind, body, and soul. It is wonderful to do something without any side effects. Of course, one can injure oneself if one isn't careful in any setting, so always be aware of your body.

Below are THREE benefits you’ll almost immediately experience with regular yoga exercises:

Yoga Benefit #1: More Stamina And Physical Dexterity

When stretching your muscles, your helping them to relax, rebuild and grow. Yoga gives your muscles what they need to strengthen themselves which reduces the cause of most injuries due to inflexibility.

Yoga Benefit #2 : Improves Your Sense of Balance

There are many yoga positions that requires the use of “balance” and focus. A huge number of people, especially older people, have problems with balance which can lead to injuries like falling down stairs or accidentally veering off road in a head on collision car crash. Exercises such as the tree and warrior pose, help the body develop these skills.

In practicing yoga, your balance truly develops and not only physically, but mentally.

Yoga Benefit #3 : Reduces Feelings Of Pain In Muscles And Joints

Problematical joints and muscles can lead to arthritis. That’s why yoga is a good prevention tool and therapy for relaxing your joints and muscle tension. We carry a lot of stiffness each day due to the way we internalize pressures.

I can’t stress how important doing even the most basic yoga excersizs can be on your overall health. The benefits of yoga have been around for centuries and it's worth it to attend a class to check it out. Many centers offer a free initial class, so take advantage of this.

As you continue your own practice, you may even go further and study to become a yoga instructor . This is what I did in kundalini yoga training. There are other types and you can specialize in hathay yoga, ashtanga or even a specific population such as kids, the elderly or yoga for injuries. Start with seeing your own love and then it will flow from there.

Oh one benefit of yoga I didn't expect was also meeting some close friends through the classes..

I met people that had a strong interest in spiritual growth and in holistic health which was a really nice surprise.

Quieting the mind is another result you will get.

People may ask you how you deal with stress without being a wredk too.

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